Strategic Engagement

We aim to empower local and state governments to expand and re-imagine their missions as working to solve the biggest economic, environmental & civil rights barriers to safe, healthy, thriving communities. One way we do this is by offering customized consulting services to build capacity, shift resources, and bring impactful cases. We aim to work with offices where we can make a big and sustainable impact on the lives of vulnerable residents. If you are interested in working with us, please fill out this form.

Our strategic engagement work includes, for example:

  • Strategic Planning - We work with local and state governments to facilitate an inclusive strategic planning process resulting in guidelines for evaluating enforcement opportunities and clear enforcement priorities for immediate action. Offices launching new units - such as civil rights, consumer protection, or general affirmative litigation teams - may find this work particularly helpful.

  • Case Generation Brainstorming - We work with local and state governments to develop customized guidelines for case generation, brainstorming, and pitch memos. We also facilitate brainstorming sessions with teams.

  • Comparative Insights - We offer comparative insights on enforcement best practices and legal authorities based on our experience working with offices across the country.

  • Short-term and Long-term Legal Research - We work with local and state governments to conduct legal research on both short-term projects (i.e., that might be relevant to a particular investigation) or longer-term projects (i.e., comparison of state civil rights laws).

  • Staffing Plans and Recruiting - We work with offices to develop staffing plans to accomplish strategic goals. We also work with offices to recruit for and fill open positions on teams.

  • Community Engagement and Data - We provide research, training, and support to community organizations and to state and local government to implement models of community-based enforcement.