With our nation at a crossroads, there is a critical opportunity to rebuild our democracy from the ground up, to strengthen cities and states as the front line of defense against all forms of injustice and discrimination across workplaces and communities.

I’m inviting you to join the fight today with Public Rights Project.


Public Rights Project is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization dedicated to eliminating the gap between the values expressed in our laws and the lived reality of our most vulnerable communities. We empower state and local prosecutors to protect the core rights and freedoms that define us as Americans by providing them with talent and resources to more proactively enforce their residents’ legal rights.



The Fellowships

Talented attorneys across the country want a pathway into public service, and state and local law offices seek resources to better protect their residents.  We connect the dots.  Public Rights Project runs two fellowships to better prepare talented attorneys to join the fight to protect public rights. With our Public Rights Fellowship, we recruit and embed public interest-minded attorneys for two years in state and local public law offices where they act as force multipliers to enhance government’s capacity to enforce residents’ rights. With our Affirmative Leaders Fellowship, we support the expansion of affirmative litigation practices within local and state governments by providing a one year professional development program to their existing staff.

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Research + Strategy

In a challenging legal landscape, we identify high-priority gaps in current enforcement and match them to the priorities and capabilities of our partner agencies. We seed innovative, successful strategies to enforce residents’ civil, economic, and environmental rights. We work with government and community partners to realign enforcement priorities to reflect what communities know and what data tells us are the most dire threats to community health, prosperity, and safety. And, we secure pro bono and low-cost services to help our partner agencies get the resources they need to scale their work.


Public Rights Project is proud to have the support of the following partners: