Building An Inclusive Future For Everyone, Not Just The Privileged Few

Will Join The Fight For Justice? Help us match a $50,000 gift.


When Public Rights Project launched in 2017, we envisioned a government that works to protect the rights of everyday people, especially the most vulnerable, and not just the privileged few or the powerful.

We envisioned safe and thriving communities that are inclusive of everyone, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation and immigration status; workplaces that treat all workers with dignity and respect; environments where our children can breathe clean air and drink clean water; a political process that makes it easier, not harder, for everyone to participate.

Today, that commitment still runs deep. We cannot stop now.

With immigrant communities living in fear, and worker and consumer protections under attack from the current federal administration, our work to protect public rights has never been more important. We need your help. 

This Giving Season, a generous donor has offered to match every contribution we receive up to $50,000 until the end of the year. To help us make the most of this generous challenge, I’m inviting you to join the fight today with Public Rights Project.

Join the fight. Together, let us build an inclusive future, one that is not determined by one’s zip code and where every child can live up to his or her potentials; and a future where our nation’s leaders and institutions can work hand in hand with our communities to turn this vision into a reality.

As we work to bridge the gap between the promise of our laws and the rights of our nation’s most vulnerable, this Giving Season, I hope to count on your support.

With Gratitude,
Jill Habig
Founder & President