A New Fight For Civil Rights In Oakland

A New Fight For Civil Rights In Oakland

The Public Rights Project is bringing two recent Yale Law School grads to bolster Oakland’s capacity for civil rights litigation.

By Scott Morris

OAKLAND, Calif — In January, the city of Oakland sued a West Oakland warehouse operator, saying that the company was deliberately blowing toxic dust into the neighborhood. The city alleged that the company, Santos Engineering, had cut a hole in the warehouse roof and installed an exhaust fan. As the business broke down construction debris, dust blew out of the roof and coated the neighborhood. Neighbors complained about eye and respiratory problems.

When the suit was filed, City Attorney Barbara Parker said it was a step toward addressing pollution that disproportionately affects poor and minority neighborhoods in West Oakland, where houses are next to industrial buildings and diesel trucks deliver goods to the Port of Oakland. West Oaklanders have higher rates of asthma and cancer compared to other residents in the city, Parker pointed out.


Read the full article via Oakland Magazine. Originally published on October 8, 2018.