As federal government dismantles civil rights regulations, Massachusetts to fill the void with new attorney

A new civil rights nonprofit will be paying for an attorney to work in Attorney General Maura Healey's office as part of a project to help state and local legal officials fill the void as the federal government pulls back on regulations.

"What we're seeing right now with this unprecedented rollback at the federal level of the federal government's historic role in enforcing our civil rights and economic justice laws - like consumer protection and workers rights laws as well as environmental laws - is there's new burdens placed on state and local government to pick up that slack," said Jill Habig, founder and president of the Public Rights Project, who previously worked as an attorney in California Attorney General Kamala Harris' office. "We're seeing energy from state and local government to do the work, but we need the resources."

Healey and the Oakland (California) City Attorney's Office are the inaugural participants in the program.

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