During the 2019-2021 cycle, fellows will have the opportunity to work in the offices of Cook County State’s Attorney Kimberly Foxx, Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan and Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul. Prospective fellows may apply to one or more offices. In each office, fellows will be an integral part of strategic decision-making, not just regarding ongoing cases, but also in deciding which impact cases to bring.

Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office

In Cook County, fellows will be placed in the Civil Actions Bureau of the State's Attorney's Office and work on the following priorities:

  • Litigating enforcement actions designed to recoup for citizens of Cook County tax revenue wrongly withheld by corporate residents;

  • Reviewing, investigating, and filing suit against predatory lenders and financial service providers;

  • Taking targeted action to address wage theft;

  • Protecting the rights of Cook County residents from financial crimes and fraud;

  • Forming intergovernmental partnerships to ensure the fair and equitable application of laws designed to protect Cook County residents; and

  • Developing a program to utilize the civil arm of the State’s Attorney’s Office to further criminal justice reform and increase the public safety of residents of Cook County.

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Detroit Mayor

In Detroit, fellows will be placed in the Mayor’s Office and will have the opportunity to:

  • Take targeted action to address blight and other economic justice challenges that disproportionately affect low-income communities of color;

  • Combat fraud and discrimination against immigrants, communities of color, and low-income residents;

  • Address public health and environmental justice, including the opioid crisis and environmental hazards that affect residents in their neighborhoods; and

  • Maximize resources available to the City for affirmative rights enforcement by building lasting partnerships with surrounding institutions.

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Wisconsin Department of Justice

Fellows at the Wisconsin Department of Justice will be assigned to projects in any of the Department’s following units: Special Litigation and Appeals; Consumer Protection & Antitrust; Medicaid Fraud Control & Elder Abuse; and Environmental Protection.  Fellows will work on matters in a variety of topic areas, including:

  • Enforcement actions and related litigation concerning violations of Wisconsin’s consumer and Medicaid fraud statutes;

  • Enforcement and litigation of antitrust laws;

  • Investigation and prosecution of elder abuse;

  • Multistate investigations, including ongoing matters relating to the prescription opioids industry; and,

  • Other targeted actions to enforce Wisconsin’s environmental protection laws.

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