Massachusetts Attorney General

In Massachusetts, fellows will be placed within one of the Divisions of the Public Protection & Advocacy Bureau and will have the opportunity to:

  • Combat fraud and abuse in the area of student lending, including for­-profit schools, loan servicers, and so­called student debt relief companies;

  • Fight against wage theft, particularly when it affects low-­income and immigrant workers in the construction, restaurant, and other hard­-hit industries;

  • Confront fraud and scams perpetrated against low-income and immigrant communities, including real estate scams, tax­-relief schemes, consumer fraud, and notario fraud; and

  • Partner with law enforcement and local organizations to confront bias­-motivated incidents and combat hate crimes in our communities.

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Oakland City Attorney

In Oakland, fellows will be placed within the Community Lawyering & Civil Rights Unit of the Affirmative Litigation, Innovation & Enforcement Division and will have the opportunity to:

  • Take targeted action to address public health and other environmental justice hazards that endanger city residents.

  • Combat consumer fraud, wage theft, and discrimination against immigrants, communities of color, women, and low-income residents.

  • Convene other local governments that engage in similar policy- forward civil rights enforcement and building lasting partnerships with those localities.

  • Be an integral part of strategic decision-making, not just regarding ongoing cases, but also in deciding which impact cases to bring.

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